Cold As Fire

Random writings to keep me sane

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Whirlpool come take me away

Like a ghost looking at my living body

Forgotten the warmth

The feeling

The thoughts.

A dreamlike trance

Nothing hurts

But nothing feels.

Where has it gone?

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Sometimes don’t I wish

For the loneliness from the past

To cry and swallow and pour

Feel the emptiness

The hollowness


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There was something once

In my head, that I could feel

But now

It’s drowned out

And somehow

I feel okay again.

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Have you ever felt like you’re so happy for other people you just wanna cut your way out of life hahahahhahaha. Mayve I should just start writing now cause god knows it’s gonna be the most productive I”l eber be in my life. Writing shit.

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Do not think to know all of me

When you know one thing about me

Do not assume to have a part of me

When you have the whole of me.

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