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My week(ish) has been a mix of awesomeness and shitness.
Highlights: “STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!!! STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!”, ” oh my god he’s behind me!” “Syn is a lesbian”, *pooooooooooke*

Anberlin last tour - so happy to see them, so sad that it will be the last time ever :( no more anberlin times with awesome friends :( but I am so glad to have met the wonderful people I call friends and of course J :))))) all three dates were phenomenal, I love that they sold out 2 shows! London had air conditioning :o I kept my jacket on through the whole gig haha. We got pictured too! So my face is on tumblr somewhere, mouth open shouting lyrics lol. After the gig we met them and oh my gosh I so silly. But Christian talked to meeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhh I am sure I acted like a right brainless fangirl…he so tall! Jon got his ticket signed by everyone (dragging Deon out of the bus to do it lol) and everyone had a chat with everyone, except me XD

Friends - I made a new friend!!!! She is called Katie and she likes purple and she is awesome and funny and eheheheheheh :3 too bad I suck at keeping in contact :/
I got to see old friends too which was nice, got to travel with them too which was a first and very entertaining even if I was hitting myself for half of it. :) singing along to anberlin ahhhhhhhh. I missed them a lot! Won’t be the same now :(

Hospital - 2 day stay = 1 week thanks to spiking temperatures and weekends! Cannulas on the back of the hand hurt :( and hospital food is OK, not as bad as I have been told. The last day or so there is a Russian girl in the same ward as me, she talked to me for about a minute about something to do with remote controls or something but I could only concentrate on her accent and voice which is lovely :3

Anyway, hopefully I will be back to doing normal stuff soon, and also starting hermit crab work when I get back to Newcastle! Maybe I will actually post some actual stuff…

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Whirlpool come take me away

Like a ghost looking at my living body

Forgotten the warmth

The feeling

The thoughts.

A dreamlike trance

Nothing hurts

But nothing feels.

Where has it gone?

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Sometimes don’t I wish

For the loneliness from the past

To cry and swallow and pour

Feel the emptiness

The hollowness


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There was something once

In my head, that I could feel

But now

It’s drowned out

And somehow

I feel okay again.

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Have you ever felt like you’re so happy for other people you just wanna cut your way out of life hahahahhahaha. Mayve I should just start writing now cause god knows it’s gonna be the most productive I”l eber be in my life. Writing shit.