Cold As Fire

Random writings to keep me sane

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Do not think to know all of me

When you know one thing about me

Do not assume to have a part of me

When you have the whole of me.

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Because I was once you

Sitting in the thickets shadows

Where no light, no warmth I bid touch

Containing my infection, this disease

That I would want rid, but never let go

A demon cloak better shelter than nothing.

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Not the kind you exclaim, cry out for.

Not the kind that you shed a tear.

But the kind that keeps you silent, consuming.

The kind that invades.

Slowly, then all at once.

And leaves you with scraps

Remains of who you once were.

Just a shell, a cage.

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I may not be the best, perfect person there is,

But I am the best me, I am more than my past, my future, I am now

Present, here.

I am real and alive

Feeling, loving.

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You tried to wipe away my tears
but I would not let you near
because it was the things you’ve done
that have put them there
and saying I’m sorry
does not erase the pain
of the things that caused my tears
to fall like summer’s rain

And as the autumn sun comes
Shadows of pain returning
The memories of your actions
Reverse the start of mending.