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Whirlpool come take me away

Like a ghost looking at my living body

Forgotten the warmth

The feeling

The thoughts.

A dreamlike trance

Nothing hurts

But nothing feels.

Where has it gone?

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There was something once

In my head, that I could feel

But now

It’s drowned out

And somehow

I feel okay again.

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Do not think to know all of me

When you know one thing about me

Do not assume to have a part of me

When you have the whole of me.

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Because I was once you

Sitting in the thickets shadows

Where no light, no warmth I bid touch

Containing my infection, this disease

That I would want rid, but never let go

A demon cloak better shelter than nothing.

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Not the kind you exclaim, cry out for.

Not the kind that you shed a tear.

But the kind that keeps you silent, consuming.

The kind that invades.

Slowly, then all at once.

And leaves you with scraps

Remains of who you once were.

Just a shell, a cage.

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I may not be the best, perfect person there is,

But I am the best me, I am more than my past, my future, I am now

Present, here.

I am real and alive

Feeling, loving.

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